M5.7 Laguna Salada Event

Here is a quick run-down of the web traffic generated by the M5.7 Laguna Salada event. The location is south of the Mexican border, but the event was widely felt in Southern California, as the Community Internet Intensity Map shows.

Here are the hits/sec and Mbits/sec for the Earthquake Hazards Program site. Hits peaked at about 94/sec, and the data rate was about 2.4 Mbits/sec.
The Menlo Park web site at quake.wr.usgs.gov is still the champ when it comes to overall traffic. This is likely because this site has been around longer than any of the others. It peaked at about 400 hits/sec, and about 12 Mbits/sec.
Here is the summary for the Pasadena office site. This is the center for the Community Internet Intensity Maps, so a good deal of traffic comes to this site when people follow the 'Did you feel it' link. Peak hit rate was 202/sec, and about 12 Mbits/sec. Note that the peak data rate was about equal to the rate at Menlo Park, even though the hit rate was about half. Most likely it was the size of the CIIM map that caused this.
Here is a graph of CIIM questionnaires submitted during the two hours around the event. The peak rate was about 150/min, spread over the two servers. Since each server has been tested up to about 20/sec, this was well-within our processing capacity.