These graphs are snapshots of the MRTG graphs of web server activity on the USGS Pasadena Office web server. In each case, the activity is the traffic seen by the Squid reverse-proxy server that acts as a front-end for the main web server. The Squid server acts as an accelerator for the site. The story of how this configuration came about is told in "Web Servers, Earthquakes, and the Slashdot Effect". The blue line is the total HTTP requests/min. the green is the number of requests that were served out of the Squid cache. The brown line is the cache hit ratio.
sts-sonic-24Oct2000 png
sts-sonic-24Oct2000 png [9.5k]

Sonic boom from the Space Shuttle landing. October 24, 2000.
newportbeach-m2 9-13nov2000 png
newportbeach-m2 9-13nov2000 png [7.9k]

M2.9 near Newport Beach, November 13, 2000.
newport-beachM2 5-22-nov-2000 png
newport-beachM2 5-22-nov-2000 png [10k]

M2.5 near Newport Beach, November 22, 2000.
M4 1BigBear-M4 8Truckee-02dec2000 png
M4 1BigBear-M4 8Truckee-02dec2000 png [11k]

A pair of events. M4.1 near Big Bear at 00:28, and M4.8 near Truckee at 07:34.
M3 5SanJose-14dec2000 png
M3 5SanJose-14dec2000 png [9.7k]

M3.5 at 10:58 on December 14, 2000. Near San Jose.
23jan2001-unknown png
23jan2001-unknown png [11k]

I have no idea what caused this spike, but all the web servers here experienced it.
23 Jan, 2001
23dec2000 png
23dec2000 png [11k]

M3.4 near Loma Linda, 01:08 PST
M4.4 near Grapevine, 17:04 PST
2001may23-cabazon png
2001may23-cabazon png [10k]

M3.8, 7mi SSE of Mt. San Gorgonio, 12:10PDT.
May 23, 2001
2001may14-M3 9Devore png
2001may14-M3 9Devore png [8.5k]

M3.9, 2 miles W of Devore.
May 14, 2001
2001mar24-ontarioM3 3 png
2001mar24-ontarioM3 3 png [12k]

M3.3 south of Rancho Cucamonga, 16:41 PST
March 24, 2001
2001jun10-M5 0washington png
2001jun10-M5 0washington png [10k]

M5.0, west of Olympia, WA
June 10, 2001
2001jul19-M3 8LytleCreek png
2001jul19-M3 8LytleCreek png [8.6k]

M3.8 north of Devore, 13:42 PDT
July 19, 2001
2001jan13-usgs png
2001jan13-usgs png [7.7k]

M4.3 and M4.1, Jan 13, 2001.
2001jan13-trinet png
2001jan13-trinet png [5.7k]

Channel 2 showed the shake map, and traffic on the Trinet server went through the roof.
Jan 13, 2001
2001feb17-idyllwild png
2001feb17-idyllwild png [13k]

M3.3 near Idyllwild, 22:09 PST
Feb 17, 2001
2001Feb28-M6 8Seattle png
2001Feb28-M6 8Seattle png [7.5k]

M6.8 near Seattle. 10:54 PST
28 Feb, 2001
2001Feb25-M4 4SanJose png
2001Feb25-M4 4SanJose png [7.6k]

M4.4 at 15:18, near San Jose
Feb 25, 2001
2001Feb10-M5 1BigBear png
2001Feb10-M5 1BigBear png [7.6k]

The big peak is the M5.1 Big Bear earthquake, with a 4.2 aftershock. The little peak to the left a M3.9 near Indio, and the small peak on the right is from a M4.0 near Hollister.
Feb 10-11, 2001
2001Feb01-M3 5Alameda png
2001Feb01-M3 5Alameda png [8.6k]

M3.5 at 19:41 centered near Alameda.
Feb 1, 2001
2001Aug16-M4 4SanClementeIs png
2001Aug16-M4 4SanClementeIs png [8.2k]

M4.4 and M4.2 events offshore, near the south tip of San Clemente Island. August 16, 2001
2001Aug16-M4 4SanClementeIs-menlo png
2001Aug16-M4 4SanClementeIs-menlo png [4.3k]

M4.4 and M4.2 events offshore, near the south tip of San Clemente Island. The Menlo Park server generally gets more traffic than Pasadena. August 16, 2001
2001Aug10-M5 5portola png
2001Aug10-M5 5portola png [8.9k]

M5.5 near Portola, CA. August 10, 2001
2001Aug10-M5 5portola-Menlo png
2001Aug10-M5 5portola-Menlo png [4.1k]

M5.5 near Portola, CA. Traffic on the Menlo Park server. Note that the scale here is in requests per second. August 10, 2001

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